How to install bathroom toilets

September 30, 2019Uncategorized Standard

The last part of any bathroom renovation is the installation of new toilets. Although it may seem like a difficult task, basic notions will suffice. The rest is a matter of work.

Before starting the installation, we must close the general stop valve and locate the water inlets and outlets to adapt the toilets to the different outlets.

The siphon acts as a stopper against bad odors and prevents blockages in the interior ductwork. In this installation we will use two types of siphons. The smallest or bottle is for the bidet, and the largest for the sink.

  1. The first thing is to install the quarter-turn stopcocks throughout the bathroom. Before we release the plugs, but not before making sure we have cut the general key of the water. The plugs are usually quite hard; we will help ourselves with a wrench or a parrot’s beak key. The Teflon tape is an insulating material. We will achieve a better seal if we place it in the opposite direction to the thread. One last detail: the mouth of the key must face up.
  2. Mark the fixing holes in the wall presenting the basin stack on your foot. Insert two blocks to place the pins are subject. It consists of screws with spiral of lag and a piece of plastic that come incorporated into the sink. The tile is drilled always without percussion, taking special care not to damage any pipe in the installation. We will use 12mm studs.
  3. Present the toilet in front of the drain, well centered, parallel to the wall, and mark the fixing points. We place the fixings to the ground. Be careful because the fixing parts have to be visible.
  4. Before fixing the toilet bowl it is necessary to apply silicone to the evacuation joint. The pipes of the drain are made of PVC and are glued with glue or silicone. With the fittings they fit all the measurements. In all joint joints, a rubber gasket must be fitted to ensure tightness.
  5. When installing the water tank, pay special attention to the placement of the rubber seals. We put the gum of union of the deposit and we place it with pump included. Before fitting the cover to the tank, connect the hose.
  6. The bidet fixing system is exactly the same as the toilet and the siphon that we will use, identical to the sink. The fittings are the same as those in the sink.
  7. The next step is to place a single-handle tap in the bathtub with the possibility of taking the shower. The single lever is adjusted with eccentric fittings. Remove the screws and place the eccentrics facing upwards. We tie the strings with the monomando and the tube of the shower. Then we place the embellishers with which, in addition, we cover the union of the tile and the water outlet.
  8. A final adjustment is convenient to prevent the faucet from dripping.

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