How to avoid freezing plumbing traps

October 12, 2017Blog Standard

Your winter plumbing system is important to avoid frozen pipes, which can potentially cause damage along with repair and replacement costs. This is especially important in homes that are very hot or vacant during times of cold. Always remember to protect the traps especially when you know that the low temperatures are approaching. The easiest traps to reach are beneath the kitchen and bathroom sinks; however, you can still protect the traps in other accessories as well.


  1. Place a bucket under the sink trap. Loosen the slide nuts at each end of the trap, using a wrench.
  2. Pull the trap loose and pour all the water from the trap into the bucket. If the trap has a cleaning plug, unscrew and remove it with the key. Let the drain trap into the water bucket.
  3. REINSTALL cleaning plug or trap. Make sure that you do not over tighten the pin or the slip nuts. If you have PVC pipes, you can possibly tighten sufficiently using only your hands.
  4. Pour 1 quart of antifreeze for traps you cannot reach, such as in showers and bathtubs.
  5. Turn the valve lock in all the baths completely clockwise. Pull once from the toilets. Use a wet / dry vacuum cleaner to completely remove the remaining tank and bowl of water from each bath.
  6. Pour 1 quart of antifreeze into the toilet bowls or enough for the antifreeze to reach the drain of the bowl.

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