Hempstead town law against plumber fraud

September 4, 2019Uncategorized Standard

Members of the Town Board of Hempstead will propose legislation that would penalize fraudulent uses of plumbing licenses, according to a press release.

The board is expected to vote on the measure this week, although a public hearing on the legislation must be scheduled for April 10, according to the statement.

The legislation comes after city officials learned about the situations, where licensed plumbers acted as if they completed the work and met with village plumbing inspectors at the sites. However, authorities found that an unlicensed plumber or a plumber who does not work for a licensed plumber master actually did the work, but a licensed master plumber put his name on the permit, the statement said.

$ 3,000 fine for violation

The bill would affect the master plumber “who helps perpetuate this type of fraud,” according to the statement, and could lead to a suspension or revocation of the license, after a hearing of the Board of Examiners. Plumbers, according to the statement. The building commissioner could also impose civil penalties of at least $ 3,000 per violation.

Licensed master plumbers must undergo a testing process to work in unincorporated areas of the city. There are currently 760 licensed plumbers in the Town of Hempstead who passed the three-part test, which includes a practical part, and then worked for a licensed plumber for at least seven years, according to the statement.

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