Does a water softener hurt your plumbing system?

August 10, 2017Blog Standard

A descale is a device that removes water ions that cause water hardness, mainly calcium and magnesium. Not only is a water softener not bad for your plumbing system, it will actually increase its shelf life if you have hard water.

Hard water

Hard water is water that contains excessive calcium or magnesium ions. Check with your water supply for information on water hardness, or consult the USGS hardness map in the resources section.

Problems caused by hard water

Hard water makes it harder to wash because soaps and detergents do not foam as effective in hard water. Hard water forms deposits of calcium carbonate also in faucets, showers and inner tubes. The buildup can be so severe that it affects the flow of water or even causes pipes to burst.

Water softeners

Most water softeners remove calcium and magnesium ions by replacing them with sodium ions. The difference is rarely quite at ease, but it can be a problem for people with a strict diet low in sodium. In these cases, the system must be configured for one touch to bypass the water softener, or is equipped with another filter designed to desalinate seawater. Hard water is not dangerous to drink. Alternatively, potassium can be used instead of sodium, but it is more expensive.

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