3 Things to look for when hiring an urgent plumber

June 8, 2017Blog Standard

It’s eleven at night on a Friday, you split a pipe (or so you think) and you do not have hot water on Monday morning! You need an urgent plumber for yesterday!

You find hundreds of supposed plumbing services urgent 24 hours and you do not know where to start calling. Some are established companies, others are people who have been unemployed and have access to a couple of tools and maybe they know some plumbing, but as happened to one of our clients recently I called the first one they found. I call the plumber “cheap” and the one who came with a wire, a pliers (to tune the wire and put it to its point) and a dilapidated drill … Summarizing the anecdote was so good that an hour later left the house Of the client leaving behind his tools of work and without charging nor a hard.

24 Hour service

One of the mandatory conditions for plumbing companies is the 24-hour service. Emergencies do not arise to convenience and is in part what makes them urgent. When you have huge leaks, impossible jams or total water loss, you need to fix the problem no matter what time of day and your emergency plumber should be ready for the task. Just rely on plumbers who offer emergency services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with a single phone call.


One of the difficulties with the urgent service is that the plumber has to think fast and find quick solutions to any problem whatsoever.

This is the type of repair job that no school can teach properly, it takes pretty much field practice in a variety of similar situations to really prepare a plumber to handle emergency situations. Look for plumbing companies or contractors with a long history that supports your skills.

Offers a variety of plumbing services

This is linked with experience, it means that the plumber can extract the knowledge gained from various types of plumbing jobs to determine the best service to fix your urgency. A plumber Tenerife knowledgeable leak water pipe rupture and leak detection can use this information when it comes to diagnosing the repair of broken pipe under the floor and fixing a water treatment system. A plumber offering numerous services will have a greater range of tools to suit any situation.

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